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SCADA & Telemetry Services and Software

Our experience in the water and wastewater industry is the foundation for creating the most practical, reliable and economical control systems in use today. We have worked with many organizations and system integrators to provide complete, turn-key control systems with open and non-proprietary standards based on industry recognized hardware and software platforms.

The SCADAspire Framework

The SCADAspire framework is a combination of hardware and software that allows for quick and easy deployment of all systems from one "site" to dozens of sites. Each site could be as simple as a pump and a tank, to multiple pumps and multiple tanks. From simple peer-to-peer and local control systems, to large distributed control across geographically diverse areas. This architecture creates a simple operate and easy to maintain approach that helps reduce costs and allow your operators to focus on more important tasks.



The SCADAspire HMI builds on solid and industry-leading SCADA & HMI software from multiple vendors including National Instruments and Schneider Electric. Utilizing industry leading software, we have created and easy to operate and maintain interface for control and monitoring of your system. Find out more information on the SCADAspire HMI system.

ForSite Managed Services

Security, Monitoring & M2M

Protecting vital assets from persistent threats from malware, intrusion and unauthorized modification is now an everyday task. Our ForSite Managed Services can provide CERT, NIST and ISA recommended solutions for system security. Additional operator notification, disaster recovery and proactive monitoring services provide for disaster recovery solutions. Get more information on ForSite Managed Services for your process.