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SCADAspire PLC Control Software

The SCADAspire Framework is built on top of industry leading components to create a highly integrated and cost effective Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for water and wastewater systems. SCADAspire PLC controller software provides the remote connection that makes this system function. The SCADAspire PLC remote field controller specification is comprised of many features that make your system work how you need it to perform. From single site, basic pump control & monitoring, to complete multi-site advanced control and data collection.

All features with the PLC platform are available and are utilized in the SCADAspire HMI platform. These features can also be used in any other SCADA or HMI platform including but not limited to Lookout, LabVIEW, Wonderware, ClearSCADA, RSView, iFix, Citect, InduSoft (Point of View) and any others that use standard communications protocols.

Standardized Platform - For Any System

The flexibility of our system allows you to best choose the right control & monitor strategy for your system. Our standard features include the most common functions in the industry including pump control, field measurement, totalization, intrusion detection and more. Additionally, any system can be customized to meet your requirements and specific applications.

The ability to control and monitor your pump or motor should not be a linear, simple on-off system, but a full featured and automated control system. Integrating speed control, level monitoring and conditional monitoring to automatically control your pump for efficient, safe and reliable operation. Settings can be inserted into each controller to maintain tank/vessel levels, sustain system pressure and more without constant operator interaction. Additionally, setpoints can be set to force an "emergency "stop" of the motor or pump for conditions such as high or low pressure, temperature or level.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) can be controlled to help maintain flow, pressure, levels and more. This can help reduce energy usage and prolong equipment lifespan to reduce maintenance costs.

Standard options include full-remote control, local control with local input, local control with remote input, remote control with emergency local control, scheduled lockout and other control techniques.

Reducing energy usage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy costs for any system. With the ability to control variable-frequency (VFD) drives for efficient operation, SCADAspire PLC software helps to achieve this. Inputs can be any measurable input including pressure, flow, voltage, amperage and more.

Many districts are enrolled in energy and cost saving programs offered by energy utilities, such as the Time-Of-Use and Demand Response programs. Inside each unit, a real-time clock monitors the current time and compares this to settings in the Lockout table, preventing operation of pumps and motors during this time. Notifications from the master station or a field input from a utility provided device can activate Demand-Response actions to allow safe, complete shutdown of your equipment to take advantage of discounted energy rates.

Protecting sensitive and costly equipment on your site with a dedicated security system can introduce additional monthly costs and equipment purchases. Integrating security into the controller allows for internal mitigation practices to prevent false-positives from reaching emergency service such as police or sheriff. Connect industry standard motion, door and other intrusion detection devices such as passive-infrared (PIR), laser beam and limit switches.

This system can connect to the master control station, alarm notification systems, video recorders, site-lighting and more to provide instant response to potential intrusion threats. Some configurations include built-in notifications to specific operators via email, text and/or other notification API.

Notifying operators of potential system problems including alarms, emergency stops and security can increase the safety and reliable operation of your system. Integrated notifications can be sent to operators via email, SMS/text, external alarm dialers and other API/Web Services.

The PLC can also act as gateway to other field devices, with many devices integrated into the standard software including flow meters, energy monitors, solar charge controllers and remote IO devices. These can be accessed via RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet including WiFi and wireless radios.

Standard PLC Platforms

DoMore PLC

The DoMore controllers from AutomationDirect/Host Engineering are some of the most powerful and featured filled units on the market, and are Made in the USA. Available in many configurations, including options to upgrade legacy DL-205 platforms.
Configurations and models supported:

  • BRX: All units including BX-DM1E-18, BX-DM1-18, BX-DM1E-36, BX-DM1-36, BX-DM1E-M-D, BX-DM1E-M, BX-DM1-10 and BX-DM1E-10 and related sub models.
  • H2: Retrofit for existing DL-205 platforms with H2-DM1 and H2-DM1E CPUs.
  • T1H: For the Terminator IO line with the T1H-DM1 and T1H-DM1E CPUs
Available from Quantum Automation and AutomationDirect.


The CLICK controller line from AutomationDirect/Koyo offers a low-cost, high-feature ratio with many options and IO configurations. These systems are perfect for small installations with basic control and monitoring.
Configurations and models supported:

  • Ethernet Analog: All models including C0-12DD1E-D, C0-12DRE-D, C0-12DRE-1-D, C0-12DD2E-D and others.
  • Ethernet Standard & Basic: All models including C0-11DD1E-D, C0-11DRE-D, C0-11ARE-D and C0-11DD2E-D
  • Analog, Standard & Basic: All serial only models including C0-00DD1-D, C0-01DD2-D, C0-01AR-D, C0-02DD2-D and more
Available from Quantum Automation and AutomationDirect.

DirectLogic PLC (Legacy)

The DirectLOGIC series of PLCs has been used successfully for decades in nearly every faucet of automation. Some models date back many decades and have been used by brands including GE, Texas Instruments, Siemens and more. This platform is no longer in development, but is still available and supported.
Configurations and models supported:

  • DL-06: All models with all IO options including Ethernet (ECOM100) and analog cards.
  • DL-05: All models with all IO options including Ethernet (ECOM100) or analog cards.
  • DL-205: All models with all IO option cards including Ethernet (ECOM100)
Available from Quantum Automation and AutomationDirect.

Other Platforms and RTUs

We have helped with integration of many other types of devices including RTUs, remote I/O and DAQs. Other platforms are added on an "as-needed" basis and based on volume. We can theoretically build similar features in nearly any controller including Allen-Bradley, Modicon, SCADApack, EZ-Automation and others.

  • Velocio: A super-micro PLC, Made in the USA with many IO and interface options. Used for low-power, solar powered remote monitoring such as PRV, valve monitoring, pressure, tank/reservoir, system chlorine and security. Learn more at Velocio.net
  • SeaLevel Systems: A US manufacturer of many I/O, embedded computer and IoT Devices. Generally used for monitor only, with fixed I/O requirements. Check the SeaLevel website to learn more.
  • ICP DAS: Taiwanese manufacturer of many different types of data-collection, remote IO, power monitoring and PLC devices. The TouchPAD series includes control logic and remote IO features for basic monitoring of security, analogs and features integrated HMI touchscreen. Visit the ICP DAS USA website to learn more.