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SCADAspire HMI SCADA Software

Overseeing your operations should be a reliable, customizable and easy to use system with multiple redundancy and recovery options. That is where the SCADAspire HMI comes in. Our framework allows for rapid development and deployment of your water and wastewater control system. Built on top of two leading industry-wide SCADA development packages: ClearSCADA and Lookout.

Our framework empowers domestic water utilities with a powerful and complete control, monitoring and reporting system. Customizable displays and an operator designed approach create a feature-rich, yet simple system for any and all installations. Integrated run-time reports, graphing and reporting options for historical and future forecasting.

All features within the HMI platform are built into the SCADAspire PLC platform. Many of these features are also available for use on other PLC controllers from vendors such as Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Modicon, SCADApack and many more using any of the industry standard communications protocols.

Clean, Interactive and Powerful

The flexibility of our system allows you to best choose the right control & monitor strategy for your system. Our standard features include the most common functions in the industry including pump control, field measurement, totalization, intrusion detection and more. Additionally, any system can be customized to meet your requirements and specific applications.

Powerful and easy to use features allow for creating optimal pumping schedules including by time, level, fire-flow/emergency situations and more. The ability to respond to potential safety or destructive events is the most important response any control system can provide anytime of the day.

The ability to control and monitor your pump or motor should not be a linear, simple on-off system, but a full featured and automated control system. Integrating speed control, level monitoring and conditional monitoring to automatically control your pump for efficient, safe and reliable operation. Settings can be inserted into each controller to maintain tank/vessel levels, sustain system pressure and more without constant operator interaction. Additionally, setpoints can be set to force an "emergency "stop" of the motor or pump for conditions such as high or low pressure, temperature or level.

Reducing energy usage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy costs for any system. Many districts are enrolled in energy and cost saving programs offered by energy utilities, such as the Time-Of-Use and Demand Response programs. Our TOU Calendar allows operators to select days, times and exclusions to operate your high-energy usage equipment at optimal times to further reduce your energy expenses.

Notifying your operators to safety and security related events, we have integrated a fully capable site intrusion system to monitor your remote sites. Originally intended for the SCADAspire PLC security features, these panels can be used to monitor any type of notification device, regardless of manufacturer.

The ability to see your remote site, video surveillance can be integrated into your system in a simple and intuitive manner. Pre-built panels for the video system allow operators to view Live images to ensure safety for your operators and your water quality.

Monitoring of your system health is critical to ensuring a safe and healthy water system. Logging usage and capacity of your tanks, reservoirs, lift stations and other storage vessels provides you with instant access to decision making information.The ability to setup alarm and notification points in the event of rapid level change, high or low level and stagnant levels provide piece of mind and prevent potential property and equipment damage.

Accurate measurement of field values is vital to maintain reliable operation of your system. Fully adjustable panels and displays provide operators with detailed running information of your system including water flow-rates, system pressures, equipment temperatures and more.

The advanced reporting features allow for forecasting and helps with industry required reporting and auditing.

Our platform allows for communications with almost every controller or industrial device made from virtually every manufacturer. Industry standard protocols such as Modbus, DNP, Ethernet/IP and more. For devices that do not have an integrated driver, OPC servers can be used to bring in your devices information.

For systems that have multiple paths of communications such as a serial and ethernet network for each site, advanced redundant communications can be configured to keep your system up to date and in full control. Theis provides redundancy and operator peace of mind knowing that they will always have the latest information to ensure safe and reliable system operation.

Presenting compiled and accurate information on your system state allows you and your operators to work more efficiently. Individual and combined reports allow you to view historical trending and run-time reports to help make informed decisions on usage forecasting and equipment maintenance.

Advanced reporting features can be presented to operators from nearly anywhere with our web-based reporting interface. Accessible from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. View current system status and historical data from anywhere.

Operator Notifications - SCADAsprire Alert

Keeping operators informed with the latest important details of your system while inthe field is imperative to safe and reliable operation. SCADAspire Alert has been empowering operators with these important notifications since 2005. Capable of Email, SMS, Web Service/API and many other integration methods to relay information to the correct personnel.

  • User Management: Secure login for each operator prevents unauthorized access and provides an audit trail.
  • Scheduling: Schedule users for specific times of each day, down to the minute if necessary. Create priority lists of operators.
  • Event Logs: Track every notification, acknowledgement, login or settings change with filtering for type, date, user, etc.
  • SMS/Text Messaging: Connect USB, Serial and Ethernet cellular modems to send and receive SMS (text messages) for notification and acknowledgement.
  • External Messages: Send customized messages to any operator through command-line, ODBC and other API from your application.
  • Integration: Add, Monitor and Update alarms from virtually any application with basic API and SDK plugins.